Alpaca Facts


Hello, I'm Noah

I want to give you a few fun facts about Alpacas.

  • We do not spit as often as our cousins -Llamas.  
  • Our personalities are like cats-some are "love me, feed me" and some are "feed me-leave me"
  • There are 2 well established types of alpaca

.  Huacaya- have a fluffy crimpy fleece -a teddy bear like  appearance

.  Suri- grows silky lustrous fleece that looks like pencil locks

  • We are social animals that seek companionship - communicating with each other with humming noises, body and head movements.  You should never have just ONE  because of their strong need for companionship.
  • We have toenails and padded feet-no hooves. We also have a hard upper palate instead of top teeth, molars in the back with short tongues. We nibble the tops of grasses and other plants.
  • We really prefer Orchard Grass Hay all year, and during the winter months  we do our best fiber production when being supplemented with some alfalfa hay, alpaca texture grain and minerals.  We are very efficient converting food into energy.  
  • We do require access to plenty of fresh water at all times.
  • There are plants poisonous to us. Call your local AG extension office and a representative will walk your property to help identify.


HI - I'm Buddy

Me and my girl Baylee, along with newbie Bandit are Great Pyreneese.  We watch over the alpacas here at Double Creek Farm.  We keep the predators away and make for great companionship. 

  •  These alpacas are pretty disease resistant, but do require some routine medical attention and vaccinations.  Most can be done by you, but you will want to seek a veterinarian educated in camelid care for  your area.  
  • Alpacas do not require special fencing. A 5ft 2x4 no climb fence is recommended.  You need to fence out predators and create speration between female and male alpacas.  
  • Shelter requirements vary based on location, weather and area predators; and can be anything from a fancy horse barn to a 3 sided shelter. Visit farms in your area to see what works best for your farm.
  • Alpacas are smaller livestock and can be easily managed-proven hands on techniques make it possible to handle, train and care for, without chutes or stapes.  
  • Because alpacas are designated livestock in most states, my humans gained tax benefits for utilizing their acreage.  Please, consult your own tax advisor for complete details.
  • Yes ladies-you can handle alpacas by yourself


I'm Gilda

We will provide you with daily excerise, companionship and motivation. How, because you will have to get up off the couch, out of the house and put down  your phone.  Well, except for pictures!!! 

Alpacas are, without a doubt one of the most beautiful animals that roam our planet earth.  Just the fact that we come in 22 colors and many many patterns makes them unique.  Add to that their gentle nature, tranquil temperament, luxurious fiber, and gentle calm humming sounds, you have an animal most humans can resist touching.

Until one has loved an animal-part of their soul remains unawakened

                                               -author unknown