Fiber Facts


  • Alpaca fiber is flame resistant
  • Alpaca fiber is resistant to external water penetration like wool
  • Alpaca can slowly wick away perspiration because of it unique ability to act like cotton in moisture regain
  • Makes it feel lighter than wool, but warmer than cotton in cool damp conditions
  • Alpacas are shorn once a year 


  • Alpaca fiber is free of lanolin
  • Fiber can be processed without high temperatures or harsh chemicals.
  • Alpaca is water resistant-It is also adsorbent to oils, meaning oils do not penetrate the fibers, but merely cling to the fiber for easier cleaning
  • Dawn dish soap or human hair shampoo, in a baby bath temp water bath works best for cleaning-of course you can dry clean alpaca items


  • Alpaca is a naturally renewable fiber
  • Alpaca fiber can easily be blended with various other fiber types.
  • Fiber can be dyed using natural, organic plants and spices like
  • cabbage, pears, beets, nuts, tumeric, paprika, various flowers and roots
  • non toxic, non-metallic powder dyes